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Release date: 2017-12-20

Stable release v1.4.4 , released on 2017-12-20

Compared to v1.4.3, it has the following new features / bugs fixes / enhancements :

New features:

  • Admin Module now regularly collects historical statistics of various metrics
  • introduced a new web interface to export simple statistics
  • from the web interface it is possible to verify if a newer version was released
  • added bandwidth throttling for resultsets sent from ProxySQL to client, or from MySQL server to ProxySQL: see wiki
  • Added watchdog to automatically restart proxysql if MySQL threads are not reporting heartbeat: see wiki
  • It is now possible to configure ProxySQL to call an external script in case proxysql daemon terminates not gracefully. See execute_on_exit_failure
  • added support for utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci (MySQL 8)
  • added new algorithm to limit the number of new connections per second to backends, controlled by variable variable mysql-throttle_connections_per_sec_to_hostgroup
  • added support for monitoring replication lag using Percona heartbeat table instead of Seconds_Behind_Master #1248
  • added new Admin command LOAD ADMIN VARIABLES FROM CONFIG #1075
  • added new variable mysql-autocommit_false_is_transaction , to consider autocommit=0 as a transaction #1256

Bug fixes:

  • Connection Pool: do not terminate connections in case of errors due to read-only variable #1194
  • General: Fixed compiling issue on FreeBSD #1216
  • General: Fixed few anomalies detected with valgrind
  • Connection poll: initialize time_zone in client connection #1253
  • Prepared statements: reset PS metadata if they change after a DDL #965
  • Prepared statements: fixed memory corruption #1197
  • Protocol: do not use autcommit from backend if set: this could lead to situation in which client believe autocommit is on, while it is not
  • Query Processor: track also unknown queries #1100
  • Query Processor: ignore parenthesis from queries when determining type #1100
  • Prepared statements: do not send cursor. #1128 , #892 and #961
  • ProxySQL Cluster: reduced the probability of a race condition while converging #1188
  • ProxySQL Cluster: several minor bugs
  • Monitor: added mutex in replication_lag_action() to avoid race conditions between two or more checks
  • Admin: when parsing from config file, use port 3306 as default for servers in mysql_servers
  • Admin: Allows hashed password for Admin #1221 (regression bug introduced in 1.4.3)
  • Protocol: added support for collations #780 #554 #1219
  • Admin: table definitions was different for mysql_query_rules and runtime_mysql_query_rules #1233
  • Admin: configured mysql_users.transaction_persistent=1 if users are read from config file #1236
  • Connection poll: initialize time_zone in client connection #1253
  • Connection poll: clean up query metadata when set autocommit fails #1257
  • General: do not report in error log replication hostgroups information if hostgroup_manager_verbose=0 #1204
  • Admin: configure mysql_query_rules.re_modifiers=CASELESS if mysql_query_rules are read from config file #1124
  • Protocol: added support for utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci (MySQL 8) #1129
  • Global variables: fixed some incorrect input validation
  • MySQL Server: added contraint hostgroup_id >= 0 #1244 and #1270
  • Eventlog: Persist eventlog file across restarts #1201 and #1269
  • Connection Pool: disable multiplexing for auto_increment_increment, auto_increment_offset and group_concat_max_len #1290
  • Admin: crashes if writing on a closed socket #1227
  • Prepared statements: incorrect format in Decimal fields #1192

Performance improvements:

  • General: introduced several optimizations to reduce memory allocation overhead for small resultsets
  • Query Processor: changed the default value for mysql-stats_time_backend_query and mysql-stats_time_query_processor from true to false. Depending from the workload, this can drastically boost performance
  • Prepared statements: ported from 1.3 the reuse of prepared statements IDs #1198
  • Connection Poll: reset connections using the current username instead of monitor user #1186
  • Connection Poll: limit the size of connections reset queue #1185
  • Connection Poll: added new variable mysql-throttle_connections_per_sec_to_hostgroup to limit the number of new connections per second to backends


  • added support for Darwin (although not recommended for production)
  • added IPv6 support for Admin and localhost: allow to connect locally using user admin
  • when dropping a systemd unit file, do not use daemon-reload
  • report Admin's mysql_servers when executing loading to runtime #1255
  • in Admin, filter commands specific to MySQL and/or transactions #1047
  • removed tables mysql_server_connect and mysql_server_ping from monitor, because unused #1252


aeb264f1c3ab8b9c7e35650ab5f59c2a  proxysql-1.4.4-1-centos5.x86_64.rpm
e2f630dac0d7b193626f8be22833ff2e  proxysql-1.4.4-1-centos67.x86_64.rpm
98762ed39eeb2bb635ef35fef5637f5e  proxysql-1.4.4-1-centos7.x86_64.rpm
360ee3adfd456bf206ab470ee6817103  proxysql-1.4.4-1-dbg-centos5.x86_64.rpm
e2b9168b81bf2c20ff0aa5753f35204a  proxysql-1.4.4-1-dbg-centos67.x86_64.rpm
f660384cae5326821e0d17fe9a31fe13  proxysql-1.4.4-1-dbg-centos7.x86_64.rpm
536818557d7b545bde7a47403547c8a6  proxysql-1.4.4-1-dbg-fedora24.x86_64.rpm
924f9c09699ae70974fc0454d2035ce9  proxysql-1.4.4-1-fedora24.x86_64.rpm
55b72fbf44779443359d73ff0d55aaff  proxysql-1.4.4-clickhouse-1-centos7.x86_64.rpm
0e37b2c5db01ea9e88c713d1ae20a24f  proxysql-1.4.4-clickhouse-1-fedora24.x86_64.rpm
d6efd8fb0b0081723b24c27d6eb82346  proxysql_1.4.4-clickhouse-debian9_amd64.deb
ca056f64a7c666f42a960bf8791c74a1  proxysql_1.4.4-clickhouse-ubuntu16_amd64.deb
bfe066910f83bf21bf052ba3e00d4d57  proxysql_1.4.4-dbg-debian7_amd64.deb
8f692f9eb052677542d6dcd024615b3d  proxysql_1.4.4-dbg-debian8_amd64.deb
4dd3348029269711cffcef3ee83c22f1  proxysql_1.4.4-dbg-debian9_amd64.deb
21cdc1f570a03c8406ab06ca0582727e  proxysql_1.4.4-dbg-ubuntu14_amd64.deb
26b3cc936d7f776ed1fd370246d11e97  proxysql_1.4.4-dbg-ubuntu16_amd64.deb
0227adf449c9459e81ef7821bb5dcdb7  proxysql_1.4.4-debian7_amd64.deb
7ac4af4128c7a2aaf1ae10b7311eb9b8  proxysql_1.4.4-debian8_amd64.deb
4beaed0d1c70f34dbe0de5162688447b  proxysql_1.4.4-debian9_amd64.deb
b84a31659bb4cb41e64f305c39325509  proxysql_1.4.4-ubuntu12_amd64.deb
4c031fbf0e3b006e5ffb794fc5ba329b  proxysql_1.4.4-ubuntu14_amd64.deb
0622cdbb5367775a927aed6c5ffeeaa0  proxysql_1.4.4-ubuntu16_amd64.deb