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How do I configure ProxySQL to connect to MySQL?

Port 6032 is the default port used by the "Admin interface".
Through this interface you can configure ProxySQL and get metrics from it by using a normal MySQL client.

for configuration check out also:

How can I connect to a MySQL server through ProxySQL?

In order to connect to MySQL servers through ProxySQL you should connect to Port 6033 (by default).

for configuration check out also:

Does ProxySQL support ip address whitelist?

ProxySQL supports some sort of IP address whitelisting. Field mysql_query_rules.client_addr can be used to filter traffic based on clients addresses, therefore it is possible to allow traffic from specific addresses while blocking everything else.
The catch here is that the filtering is done on the queries only: clients not in the "whitelist" can still be able to connect to ProxySQL, although their queries will be blocked.

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Are requests load balance for a single connection?

Yes, by default, it is possible that the requests coming from a single connection are evenly distributed among all the backends of the same hostgroup.

check out also:

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