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ProxySQL exports a lot of metrics, all visible in the stats schema and queryable using any client that uses the MySQL protocol. This allows to ingest metrics into external monitoring tools, like Percona PMM, grafana, Severalnines ClusterControl, graphite, datadog, and others already existing or being under development.

Although we believe these monitoring tools are great and they are the right way to monitor ProxySQL, we often faced the issue that ProxySQL isn’t monitored while still being evaluated. This makes very difficult the troubleshooting of performance and behavior in such scenarios. For this reason, ProxySQL version 1.4.4 introduces a new and experimental interface: a web UI to export some metrics. This feature doesn't replace all the statistics already available through the Admin interface, but facilitate the troubleshooting while ProxySQL is still being evaluated and metrics are not collected into an external software.

This feature is not final yet, only few metrics are available, and it is subject to changes in future.

Configure HTTP server

Currently there are only 2 variables related to HTTP servers:

HTTP server is currently disabled by default. To enable it is enough to configure admin-web_enabled=true. For example:

SET admin-web_enabled='true';

Similarly, to disable it:

SET admin-web_enabled='false';

Once HTTP server is enabled, you can point your browser to port 6080, for example , and use admin-stats_credentials to login.

Once you login, a dashboard with generic information is displayed:

From here, you can choose a category to get useful metrics. The examples below show System statistics and MySQL Connections:

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