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Experiments, Learning, Sharing done at SysPlay on BeagleBone Black (BBB)

Description of the various folders:

  • Apps: Various applications to play with drivers on BBB
  • Bootloaders: u-boot & related stuff for BBB
  • Docs: Various BBB related documents used for exploring BBB
  • Drivers: Various drivers to play with BBB
  • EmbC: Bare metal code for BBB
  • Images: Various pre-built images for BBB
  • Kernel: Linux kernel & related stuff for BBB
  • Original: Info to get original sources of various stuff for BBB experiments
  • RootFS: Root File System for BBB
  • Toolchain: Toolchain used for cross compilation. Install using install_toolchain script under it
  • Workshops: Various patches to customize the content for the various workshops conducted @ SysPlay

Brief about the various BBB related workshops conducted @ SysPlay (

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