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BazisLib Overview

The BazisLib framework provides a convenient multi-platform abstraction layer for the following APIs:

  • Thread and synchronization API
  • File access API
  • Atomic operations
  • Reference counting
  • Sockets (Windows Kernel not supported)
  • FS path manipulation
  • Configuration storage

BazisLib also provides some convenience classes that simplify driver development for Windows and MacOS in C++.

BazisLib can be compiled for the following targets:

  • Windows user-mode using Visual Studio compiler
  • Windows kernel-mode using WDK 7.x or 8.x
  • Linux or MacOS user-mode using GCC or Clang
  • MacOS kernel-mode

The best way to start exploring BazisLib is to open the tests\BigCrossPlatformTest\BigCrossPlatformTest.sln solution and try building/running the Windows configuration. Other configurations of the solution target POSIX user-mode, Windows kernel-mode and MacOS kernel-mode environments. The Examples folder contains some other sample projects using BazisLib.


A multiplatform system library




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