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WinCDEmu allows mounting CD/DVD/BD images directly from Explorer.

Just double-click (or press ENTER) on a CD/DVD/BD image in Explorer and a virtual drive will appear in your system. To unmount an image, double-click on an image file again, or eject the virtual disc.
You can mount simultaneously as many images as you want. Each image will appear as an additional CDROM drive.
Additionally, you can mount images from the command-line by calling "vmnt.exe <image path>".

To perform unattended installation, invoke this file with /UNATTENDED option. Note that unless you have disabled unsigned driver warnings, you will still be prompted for installing the driver.

New in version 4.0:
- ISO images can now be created from arbitrary folders
- Can now replace a mounted image without removing the drive
- Portable version now supports file drag-and-drop
- Fixed driver uninstallation problems with portable version
- Portable version now has a command-line interface

New in version 3.6
- Added support for BluRay and DVD video discs
- Improved support for partially corrupt CUE files
- Press SHIFT while mounting to invoke mount options dialog

New in version 3.5:
- Added support for making ISO images of CDs/DVDs
- Added an option for disabling autorun
- Added an option for keeping mounted images after restart
- Added support for translating context menu items
- Fixed NRG file parser

New in version 3.4:
- Fixed compatibility issue with iTunes/GearASPIWdm

New in version 3.3:
- Fixed hanging after too many images were mounted
- Added support for synchronous mounting via batchmnt
- Added support for bypassing UAC

New in version 3.2:
- Added 3 more languages
- Fixed bug with unrecognizable devices

New in version 3.1:
- Added more languages
- Fixed compatibility problem with Vista
- Fixed mounted device listing

New in version 3.0:
- Support for NRG, CCD, MDS/MDF formats.
- Improved support for ISO, IMG and CUE formats.
- Multi-language interface.
- Command-line mounter
- Unattended installer

New in version 2.3:
1) All drivers are digitally signed with SysProgs.org certificate. See http://www.sysprogs.org/signing for Vista x64 notes.
2) It is now possible to select drive letter before mounting an image.

New in version 2.2:
1) Added support for mounting images from ALL network shares (including non-anonymous and not mapped to a drive letter).
2) Image file handle is now forcibly closed when a disk is unmounted, even when there are open files on a virtual CD.
3) Uninstall is now supported via Add/Remove Programs dialog.

New in version 2.1:
1) Fixed bug with invalid IQRL
2) Fixed bug with creating new devices while previous are held by OS
3) Added x64 platform support

New in version 2.0:
1) Fixed bug with system cache overload
2) Supports images on network shares
3) Supports CUE and IMG/BIN/RAW image formats

The following people made donations to WinCDEmu project and made it possible to release this signed version. Thank you, guys!
    * Paul Schulze
    * Robert Fors
    * Matthias Bilger
    * Atsushi Taniguchi
    * Albert Ferrand Korving
    * Markus Pohl
    * Victor Bishop
    * Merlyn Morgan-Graham
    * Martin Ling
    * Jens Haase
    * Jonathan Cheesman
    * Thomas Wagner
    * Conrad Motis
    * Mark Rak
    * Simon Gottschlag
    * Holger Stephan
    * Rui Valadas
    * Magnus Hansson
    * Stefan Stern
    * Hans Wagner
    * Gregory Lee
    * Bart Schouten
    * Christian Decruynaere
    * Michael Spannheimer
    * Fiosky
    * Markus Rijsbergen
    * Timothy Tate
    * David Fletcher
    * Karolis Zvaigzdinas
    * Rex Peralta
    * Claudio Ruini
    * Rainer Boehme
    * Nicolas Nasdrovisky
    * Niclas Hedlund
    * Joel Jonsson
    * Ryan Hawkings
    * Gal Szkolnik
    * Stefano De Gruttola
    * Kurt Kroiss
    * Alexander Gehrer
    * Hans-Robert Wagner
    * Bernhard Just
    * Adrian Lehner
    * Taylor Judd
    * DUAN Ke
    * Lonnie Carruthers
    * Ralf Laukart
    * Pierluigi Mosca
    * Christian Decruynaere
    * Per Sahlholm
    * Moritz Reinhold
    * Anonymous
    * Eran Sharpe
    * Fernando Perez Gay
    * Out of the Box Consulting, Inc.
    * Wade Penner
    * Ng Ka Lun
    * Lonnie Carruthers
    * APPLET