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@sysprogs sysprogs released this Jan 23, 2020

This release contains pre-built SD card images and cross-toolchains for the OpenSTLinux distribution targeting STM32MP1 devices. It consists of the following files:

  • openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-10-09-images.exe is a self-extracting 7-zip archive containing the SD card images and the FLASH layout files (.tsv). It also contains STM32MP1Programmer.exe - a GUI tool that simplifies the programming of the SD card images using the STM32MP1's bootloader.
  • stm32mp1-gcc8.2.0-r2.exe is a ready-to-use Windows cross-toolchain that can produce Linux binaries compatible with the SD card images of this release. It is fully integrated with VisualGDB ( but can be also used manually as long as you provide the --sysroot argument and specify -march and other flags (see the Toolchain.xml file inside the toolchain directory for a list of flags required by the toolchain).
  • is a self-extracting installer for the Linux cross-toolchain produced by the OpenSTLinux build process. You can install it on a 64-bit Linux machine (we recommend Ubuntu 18.04.2). Simply run the installer and it will ask for the installation directory and will then display instructions on using the toolchain.
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