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tag: 1.4.M06
Commits on Jul 5, 2011
  1. Neo4j build server
Commits on Jul 4, 2011
  1. Tobias Lindaaker

    Removed unused 'code'

    thobe authored
  2. - Renamed SyntaxError to SyntaxException

     - Made SyntaxException inherit from RuntimeException
  3. Tobias Lindaaker

    Small readability improvement

    thobe authored
  4. Chris Gioran
  5. Mattias Persson

    Fixes an issues where there was only 2PC transactions to recover. Neo…

    tinwelint authored
    …Store wasn't set in the right 'recovered' mode so getLastCommittedTx() threw exception based on that invalid state
  6. Mattias Persson

    2PC records gets written during recovery for 2PC transactions which h…

    tinwelint authored
    …ave been prepared and marked as committing, but not actually committed
  7. Chris Gioran

    - Fixed compilation error

    digitalstain authored
    - Renamed static method bootstrap in TestRecoveryIssues from similarly named instance method
  8. Mattias Persson
  9. Chris Gioran
  10. Chris Gioran

    - Added failing test that creates a simple db with batch inserter and…

    digitalstain authored
    … fails to delete with EmbeddedGraphDatabase (MP)
    - Added fix for the above test, where the relationship chain is properly updated on relationship creation
  11. Mattias Persson

    Rotates logs for resources that have recovered 2PC transactions befor…

    tinwelint authored
    …e truncating the TM log. This guards for problems that could occur after a 2PC recovery, followed by a crash before the next log rotation had occured. Also writes out the logical log buffer during prepare, not force though since ordered writes will take care of that when the txLog does markAsCommitting
  12. Mattias Persson
  13. Added DISTINCT documentation

Commits on Jul 3, 2011
  1. Added DISTINCT

    Andres Taylor authored
Commits on Jul 1, 2011
  1. Peter Neubauer


    peterneubauer authored
  2. Tobias Lindaaker
  3. Tobias Lindaaker

    Updated sub process test utils

    thobe authored
  4. Mattias Persson
  5. Mattias Persson

    rmrel forces connectedness, but check can be disabled with -f. -d del…

    tinwelint authored
    …etes other node if empty. Added rmnode app which can delete nodes w/ or w/o deleting its relationships
  6. Mattias Persson
  7. Mattias Persson

    Fix for commands being applied more than once, and hence could add fr…

    tinwelint authored
    …ee ids to defrag list more than once
  8. Tom Sulston
  9. Tom Sulston
  10. Changed :TYPE to ~TYPE

    Andres Taylor authored
  11. Mattias Persson

    freeId() Will produce a comprehensible exception message if the id ge…

    tinwelint authored
    …nerator has been shut down, by changing the order of two checks
Commits on Jun 30, 2011
  1. Chris Gioran

    - Renamed the ReadOnly indexes to Readable indexes.

    digitalstain authored
    - ReadableRelationshipIndex now extends ReadableIndex.
    - RelationshipIndex now extends Index and ReadableRelationshipIndex.
    - The Auto indexer concrete implementation for relationships now returns a ReadableRelationshipIndex
      since we have to allow for queries restricted by Nodes as well.
    - IndexManager and implementation changed to match the previous.
    - Asking the IndexManager for the AutoIndexes by name now returns Index<Node> and RelationshipIndex
      but wrapped in implementations that throw UnsupportedOperationException on mutating operations.
  2. Mattias Persson

    Unused imports

    tinwelint authored
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