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Jul 16, 2012

  1. Andres Taylor

    SymbolTable is dead. Long live SymbolTable!

    This is a major refactoring of the type system in Cypher.
  2. Peter Neubauer

    Update instructions following the comment…

    peterneubauer authored committed
  3. Julian Simpson

    Temporary codename

    simpsonjulian authored committed
  4. Julian Simpson

    Temporary branding image to make the build pass.

    simpsonjulian authored committed
  5. Julian Simpson

    Bump version to 1.9

    simpsonjulian authored committed

Jul 14, 2012

  1. Andres Taylor

    Merge pull request #676 from peterneubauer/cypher-smalldocs

    minor formating changes
  2. Andres Taylor

    Merge pull request #706 from systay/jakewins

    Consoles in webadmin can now be disabled
  3. Andres Taylor

    Added commit message


Jul 13, 2012

  1. Chris Gioran

    Fixes typo in test

    digitalstain authored
  2. Chris Gioran

    Makes TestJavaTestDocsGenerator use TargetDirectory instead of buildi…

    …ng up strings
    digitalstain authored
  3. Jacob Hansson

    Consoles in webadmin can now be disabled.

    jakewins authored

Jul 10, 2012

  1. Anders Nawroth

    Refactored texts into smaller files. Moved cookbook examples into a n…

    …ew chapter containing data modeling examples.
    nawroth authored peterneubauer committed
  2. Anders Nawroth

    Fixed a query in the sql/cypher examples.

    nawroth authored

Jul 09, 2012

  1. Anders Nawroth

    Merge pull request #682 from jotomo/typos

    Typo fixes and rewordings to improve readability.
    nawroth authored
  2. Julian Simpson

    Committing Pom versions for 1.8-SNAPSHOT

  3. Neo4j build server

    Committing Pom versions for Release 1.8.M06

    buildserver-neo4j authored simpsonjulian committed
  4. Anders Nawroth

    Unused imports.

    nawroth authored
  5. Andres Taylor

    Merge pull request #687 from jexp/placebo_tx_handling

    Placebo Transaction behavior

Jul 08, 2012

  1. Michael Hunger

    Placebo Transaction behavior

    * no longer cached by InternalAbstractGraphDatabase
    * tx.success in UniqueNodeFactory
    * cypher: #681 transaction commit and failure handling now both in CommitPipe
    jexp authored
  2. Mattias Persson

    Revert "Always uses the fallback server to circumvent use of db.getKe…

    …rnelData() which may bypass any proxy instance"
    This reverts commit 62e73bf as it broke
    several tests in server component (on CI system, not locally before
    tinwelint authored

Jul 07, 2012

  1. Andres Taylor

    Merge pull request #686 from systay/cypher_tx_behavior

    Revert to fix broken build
  2. Andres Taylor

    Revert "Fixes #681 correct transaction handling behavior in cypher fo…

    …r nested tx in updating operations"
    This reverts commit 43150be.
  3. Andres Taylor

    Merge pull request #684 from systay/cypher_tx_behavior

    Cypher tx behavior
  4. Andres Taylor

    Tidied up transaction rollback

  5. Michael Hunger

    Fixes #681 correct transaction handling behavior in cypher for nested…

    … tx in updating operations
    jexp authored
  6. Mattias Persson

    Always uses the fallback server to circumvent use of db.getKernelData…

    …() which may bypass any proxy instance
    tinwelint authored

Jul 06, 2012

  1. Andres Taylor

    Type in CHANGES.txt

  2. Chris Gioran

    Removes experimental warning from auto indexing documentation

    digitalstain authored
  3. Andres Taylor

    Updated CHANGES.TXT


Jul 05, 2012

  1. Alistair Jones

    Revert Database.graph to AbstractGraphDatabase

    o New common super-type for AbstractGraphDatabase
      and HighlyAvailableGraphDatabase.
        - Motivation: some users who built against
          Neo4j 1.6 depend on the internal
          AbstractGraphDatabase type.
        - Since HighlyAvailableGraphDatabase stopped extending
          AbstractGraphDatabase, we need a new type to avoid
          breaking backwards compatibility for these users.
        - The old AbstractGraphDatabase has been renamed to
        - The new AbstractGraphDatabase has the same fully-qualified
          name as the old AbstractGraphDatabase and will be made
          binary compatible for consuming classes.
    o AbstractGraphDatabase defines all public methods of
        - This ensures that any existing consumer of AbstractGraphDatabase
          will work without changes.
        - HighlyAvailableGraphDatabase delegates transactionRunning() to
          the local database instance.
        - transactionRunning() deprecated in preparation for removal in a
          later version.
    o Revert type of Database.graph to AbstractGraphDatabase.
        - The type of this field was previously changed to GraphDatabaseAPI.
        - Now reverting to a type with the same name and signature as the
          previous type to preserve backwards compatibility.
        - Also changing most usages of the field to use the GetGraph()
          accessor, as recommended by its deprecation comment.
    apcj authored
  2. Tobias Lindaaker

    Fix for issue where read locks were not being properly released.

    The acquireReadLock method did not make sure to get the current transaction, so aqcuiring and releasing read locks was registered against different TransactionLockElements.
    thobe authored
  3. Mattias Persson

    Changed synchronization of applying transactions to prevent a deadloc…

    …k scenario
    tinwelint authored digitalstain committed
  4. Jacob Hansson

    Added test to verify JOTM transaction manager works with Neo4j, and a…

    … fix for rollbacks, which didn't work.
    Specifically, changed locking to use a given transaction whenever possible, rather than discarding and trusting the TX manager to keep track of the tx for us.
    jakewins authored tinwelint committed
  5. Peter Neubauer

    minor formating

  6. Anders Nawroth

    Fixed broken asciidoc syntax.

    nawroth authored
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