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Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. Added test for SET

Commits on Jun 18, 2012
  1. @jexp
  2. @jexp

    This commit changes how double-optional paths are found in patterns, …

    committed with jexp
    …and matched agains the graph.
    Previously, the full pattern would be matched in one go. Now, MatchBuilder breaks down the pattern
    in one mandatory part, which includes all patterns that are double-optional paths.
    The double optional paths will next be matched, one after an other, in isolation from each other.
  3. @jexp
  4. @tinwelint
Commits on Jun 16, 2012
  1. @jexp

    Merge pull request #612 from systay/not_parenthesis

    jexp committed
    NOT should take parenthesis into consideration
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. @simpsonjulian
  2. @peterneubauer

    Merge pull request #605 from nawroth/cyphersqlarticle

    peterneubauer committed
    Adding SQL vs. Cypher article to the docs.
  3. @nawroth
  4. @tinwelint
  5. @johan-neo

    Merge pull request #579 from digitalstain/recursion-safe-stringlogger

    johan-neo committed
    Test case and fix for possible infinite recursion on log rotation
  6. @digitalstain
  7. @nawroth
Commits on Jun 14, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #604 from nawroth/1.8docscleanup

    Some cleanup in the Cypher docs.
  2. @nawroth
  3. @digitalstain

    Reduce synchronization in getIndexSearcher

    digitalstain committed
    Uses the ClockCache to build a IndexSearcher cache that does not require synchonization on get(). Uses
    that to remove need for global lock when getting a searcher which is not closed and not stale.
    Removes the boolean stale flag from the pair stored in LuceneDataSource#indexReaders, folds it into
    IndexSearcherRef instead.
    Removed the incRef argument from getIndexSearcher, added CommitContext#close() instead.
    Increased the thread count in GetOrCreateTest, makes it fail more reliably
  4. @digitalstain

    Add a new cache, ClockCache

    digitalstain committed
    Added a new cache implementation that behaves approximately like LRU but does not lock on get()
  5. @jakewins
  6. @rickardoberg

    Removed debug output

    rickardoberg committed
  7. @tinwelint


    tinwelint committed
  8. @rickardoberg
  9. @rickardoberg
  10. @rickardoberg
  11. @rickardoberg
  12. @rickardoberg

    Fix for Windows paths

    rickardoberg committed
  13. @rickardoberg

    Merge pull request #589 from jakewins/webserver-cleanup-again

    rickardoberg committed
    Looks ok to me, merging it in.
  14. @rickardoberg

    Merge pull request #580 from jakewins/config-improvements-again

    rickardoberg committed
    Looks ok to me now, merging it in
Commits on Jun 13, 2012
  1. @tinwelint
  2. @tinwelint

    Reduces contention in PersistenceWindowPool#acquire. Acquiring a pers…

    tinwelint committed
    window now won't need any synchronization or locking on the pool level
    (which is expensive), only on the window level (which scales because it's so
    granular and spread out over all the windows).
  3. @akollegger

    Merge pull request #602 from jakewins/auto-branding

    akollegger committed
    Better handling of codename and splash screen icon
  4. @digitalstain

    Revert "Contention fixes in lucene index"

    digitalstain committed
    This reverts commit 5820d2c.
    Apparently it is still sensitive to race conditions, since locally it passes but fails on CI
  5. @jakewins

    Removed incorrect ant file

    jakewins committed
  6. @jakewins

    Build now fails if a codename or a splash screen icon has not been se…

    jakewins committed
    …t for the current version.
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