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Awards Director duties
- elected by Council
- 3 year term
- two additional members appointed annually by the Awards Director
- selects winners of 4 awards
1. Ernst Mayr Award in Systematic Biology
- given for the outstanding paper presented at the annual meeting by a student
member of the Society or a member who has received the Ph.D. degree within
the last 15 months
2. the “Awards for Graduate Student Research”
- given to assist students in the first two years of their systematics projects
to aid in the collection of preliminary data needed to pursue additional
sources of support
3. The Mini-PEET awards
- to enhance expertise in taxonomy by transferring knowledge from older to
younger taxonomists
4. Travel Awards
- to attend systematics workshops
List of Awards Directors
2020 Zapata Felipe
2019 Zapata Felipe
2018 Heath Tracy
2017 Heath Tracy
2016 Heath Tracy
2015 Brady Sean
2014 Brady Sean
2013 Brady Sean