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Master repository for Thelio Io board
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dkms @ 6bb2635 2018-12-17 Dec 17, 2018
firmware @ 4178891 Update firmware and outputs Jan 21, 2019
hardware @ a8e166c Update SAS board Jan 30, 2019
output @ 452e9b8
.gitignore Add testing script Nov 16, 2018
.gitmodules Remove test program Nov 15, 2018
Makefile Update for DFU flashing Nov 16, 2018 Update Sep 24, 2018 Lower expected rpm to 300 Mar 18, 2019 Add update script for POE Nov 16, 2018

Thelio Io

This is a master repository for the System76 Thelio Io device. Using make, you can update the outputs in the output submodule.

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