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Backports of patch from systemd git to stable distributions
Branch: v240-stable
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Latest commit 4a2ea20 Dec 26, 2018
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catalog catalog: update Polish translation Nov 19, 2018
docs remount-fs: optionally remount / writable, if we are told through an … Dec 18, 2018
factory/etc man,factory: update factory config for nsswitch.conf to match the man… Nov 27, 2018
man man: fix volume num of journalctl Feb 7, 2019
network Drop my copyright headers Jun 14, 2018
presets Drop my copyright headers Jun 14, 2018
rules rules: watch metadata changes on DASD devices Dec 4, 2018
shell-completion Merge pull request #10221 from lucaswerkmeister/bash-completion Dec 18, 2018
src network: set *_configured flags to false before requesting addresses … Feb 14, 2019
sysusers.d sysusers,tmpfiles: re-create systemd-network, systemd-resolve and sys… Jul 16, 2018
test test-network: disable DNS function of dnsmasq Feb 14, 2019
tools tree-wide: drop header for emacs from python scripts Dec 9, 2018
xorg login: avoid external process call Jan 12, 2018
.dir-locals.el coding style: reduce text width to 109 characters Dec 8, 2018
LICENSE.GPL2 relicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions) Apr 11, 2012
Makefile build-sys: Fix Makefile wrapper for install target (#6548) Aug 7, 2017
NEWS NEWS: retroactively describe .include deprecation Feb 7, 2019
README Revert "pam_systemd: drop setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" Jan 11, 2019
TODO Merge pull request #10912 from poettering/gpt-root-rw Dec 20, 2018
zanata.xml po: add basic configuration Feb 19, 2018

systemd - System and Service Manager

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General information about systemd can be found in the systemd Wiki.

Information about build requirements is provided in the README file.

Consult our NEWS file for information about what's new in the most recent systemd versions.

Please see the Hacking guide for information on how to hack on systemd and test your modifications.

Please see our Contribution Guidelines for more information about filing GitHub Issues and posting GitHub Pull Requests.

When preparing patches for systemd, please follow our Coding Style Guidelines.

If you are looking for support, please contact our mailing list or join our IRC channel.

Stable branches with backported patches are available in the stable repo.

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