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poettering committed Oct 22, 2014
1 parent 97e1cc8 commit 8483d73ff158ee0d51ccbba09a470cc6ae9b071a
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* pretends dbus was optional but actually hardcodes use of dbus' pkg-config file to determine various dbus dirs such as policy and activation dirs

* consider showing the unit names during boot up in the status output, not just the unit descriptions

* send SIGABRT when a service watchdog is triggered, by default, so that we acquire a backtrace of the hang.

* shouldn't RouteMetric= in networkd's [DHCP] section move to [Network]?

* dhcp: do we allow configuring dhcp routes on interfaces that are not the one we got the dhcp info from?

* maybe allow timer units with an empty Units= setting, so that they
can be used for resuming the system but nothing else.

* what to do about udev db binary stability for apps?

* add a system-wide shutdown timeout, similar to the startup timeout we already have (see fdo bz #84110)

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