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Riot API, DDragon and CommunityDragon Library for NodeJS
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Pyke for API RiotGames

NPM Pyke

npm (3.1.1)

  npm i --save pyke

npm github (beta) (3.1.1)

  npm i --save github:systeme-cardinal/Pyke

Installation and Usage

Pyke minimum required Node.JS version >=8.6 for native asynchrone and dependencies. You can help me for create a Wiki of Pyke :)

Library Used

Pyke used RIOT API and Static Dragon actualy DDragon


Version 3.1.1 => Add Typing and add LRU-CACHE for caching RiotGamesAPI
Version 3.1.0 => Update folder name
Version 3.0.0 => Update to V4 of RiotGamesAPI
Version 2.0.0 => Update got and add code
Version 1.1.1 (github) => Add Community Dragon
Version 1.0.9 => Fix error DDragon on my code.
Version 1.0.8 => Replace LolStaticDatav3 by DDragon.
Version 1.0.7 => Add DDragon
Version 1.0.6 => Add JSDOC
Version 1.0.5 => Fix Librairy Riot
Version 1.0.4 => Create reposit Pyke


const {DDragon, Pyke} = require('pyke');

const pyke = new Pyke(`Here my API KEY`, "10"); // 10 seconds to cache
pyke.summoner.getBySummonerName("DoctaEnkoda", "euw1").then(data => {
  console.log(`Summoner Name is : ${}, and level is : ${data.summonerLevel}`);
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