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Breaking Changes

  • Import map scopes now require a trailing / (#2009)
  • JSON and Wasm modules are no longer supported by default in s.js and system.js. Instead, use the new module-types extra
  • Deps argument added to onload hook (#1998)
  • System.resolve is now synchronous by default in both s.js and system.js (#1996 and #1939, @joeldenning)


  • CSS modules can now be loaded by s.js and system.js. Docs (#1997)
  • Cascading/Composing import maps are now supported. Docs (#2009)
  • New module types extra for CSS, JSON and Wasm (#2006)
  • The first named System.regiser in a bundle will now define the bundle module itself. This avoids need for double System.import() (#1984, @joeldenning)