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Build Status

Postfix helper script that does the following:

  • make TLS mandatory for outgoing mail wherever possible and
  • optionally alert postmasters of domains that don't support STARTTLS

In case of bugs, ideas, enhancements, feel free to open an issue or pull request on Github.


  • Set Postfix SMTP client logging (configuration option smtp_tls_loglevel) to '1' or higher.
  • Ensure that Python (2.7) is installed.
  • Copy the script to your mail system (e.g. to /usr/local/bin/) and make executable.
  • Make sure that the script can write to Postfix TLS policy map and notls SQLite DB and that the directories exist.

Postfix TLS policy map Configuration

  • Configure the Postfix TLS policy map in

smtp_tls_policy_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/tls_policy

Running the script

  • Run -h and learn about the commandline options.
  • Optionally configure logrotate to run the script automatically against the mail log file just after rotation. This can be done by configuring a post-script in the corresponding logrotate configure include (e.g. /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog):
		/usr/local/bin/ -d


  • munin: see the documentation header of munin-plugin


  • 2018-07-18: version 0.9.0
    • added monitoring of mails sent over Tor
    • added reporting of blocked domains, because of missing TLS
    • added munin plugin
    • added tests
    • improved file handling
    • improved Python 3 compatibility
  • 2017-11-11: version 0.8.1
    • fix version number and update todo list in the script
  • 2017-11-11: version 0.8.0
    • restructured code, swap out all postfix related code into separate functions.
    • added new data structure 'relayDict' which can be filled by any mta specific functions
    • simplified the logic for parsing postfix logs
    • added IPv6 localhost address ::1 to relay whitlist
    • TLS domains are deleted from SQLite DB now
    • fixed calculated numbers of unencrypted mails
  • 2017-06-04: version 0.7.3
    • add support for a relay whitelist
  • 2017-06-04: version 0.7.2
    • set envelope sender address to op['from'] when using sendmail.
  • 2017-05-18: version 0.7.1
    • don't send alert mails by default (Fixes #6)
    • consequently replace commandline options '-A'/'--no-alerts' by '-a'/'--alerts'.
  • 2017-02-19: version 0.7
    • renamed to mail-tls-helper
    • complete rewrite in Python
    • fixed logfile parsing logic, much more robust now
    • added support for commandline arguments
    • added support to create a Postfix TLS policy map
  • 2017-01-22: version 0.5
    • initial release