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Asus F556U (X556UQK) - High Sierra hackintosh

⚠️ Unmaintained, as I don't have this laptop anymore.

Forks are welcome.


Processor | Intel Core i7-7500U CPU (Kaby Lake)

Video | Integrated Intel HD 620 + Nvidia GTX 940MX

Memory | 8 GB DDR4

Storage | Micron 512 GB SSD

Connectivity | Wireless AC Atheros ATH9565, Realtek Gigabit Lan, Bluetooth 4.2

Audio | Intel HDA - Realtek ALC255

Ports | 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1, HDMI, mic, earphone, SD card reader, LAN

TouchPad | Elan Touchpad (ELAN1000)

What works

✅ Intel HD 620 (with QE/CI)

✅ VGA/HDMI (Audio + Video)

✅ All USB Type A ports

✅ USB type C port

✅ Keyboard

✅ Touchpad

✅ Internal screen backlight change

⚠️ Onboard Ethernet (network drops when high speed transfers are initiated)

✅ Wi-Fi

✅ UVC HD Webcam

✅ Speaker + Internal Microphone + Headphone jack (auto detection)

✅ Laptop lid

✅ Native power managment

✅ Battery status

✅ ️Sleep (takes a bit for going completely into sleep mode, but it works!)

⚠️ Bluetooth (Detected by the system but no BT devices can be found)

⚠️ FN Keys (brightness and volume control works - FN+F9 for disabling the touchpad does not work, sleep with FN+F1 crashes the system)

❌ Realtek SD card reader

❌ NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (Optimus - impossible to get working at the moment)


After my long testing I have concluded that the version 313 works just fine for this hackintosh.

Versions 314 and 315 DO NOT WORK. There are some strange unknown problems with the Intel graphics card.

If you upgraded the BIOS, or Windows Update did that for you, you should downgrade or you might encounter some strange problems.

You can find the 313 version it in this repository (BIOS folder) or on the ASUS website

WARNING: Please make sure that your computer model is X556UQK (F556U) BEFORE flashing the BIOS. If something goes wrong it's not my fault.

Kexts list

Install into your CLOVER/kext/10.13 folder:



VoodooI2C + VoodooI2CELAN



RehabMan's FakeSMC sensors



Install in /System/Library/Extensions:


DSDT/SSDT patches

DO NOT ASK or ATTEMPT to use existing AML files. DSDT and SSDT tables can be different even on the same model.

Extract your DSDT/SSDTs, modify the files as needed, compile and save your new AML files into CLOVER/ACPI/patched.

You could also check out check out CLOVER/ACPI/patched_dsl for working examples. hint: use diff for finding out the main differences.

Required patches (applied with MaciASL):

_RehabMan Laptop Repo

  • [syn] Fix PARSEOP_ZERO Error (aggressive)

  • [bat] ASUS N55SL-Vivobook

_VoodooI2C-Patches Repo

  • Windows 10 Patch

  • "custom made patch" (check out Scope (_SB.PCI0.I2C1) - Device (ETPD) from the DSL example)

And now?

After creating the proper DSDT file everything should work out of the box using the Clover config.plist available here in the repo.

If you want to know what are the modifications needed for making everything function you can check the "i know what I'm doing section" :)

i know what I'm doing

  • AUDIO: Clover ACPI Fixes (FixHPET, FixIPIC, FixRTC, FixTMR) and layout-id 27.

  • BRIGHTNESS: ACPI->AddPNLF, Devices->SetIntelBacklight and SetIntelMaxBacklight

  • Wi-FI: "-ath9565" as boot flag

  • TOUCHPAD: DSDT custom patch (0x55 pinout) along with dynamic KextPatch for disabling AppleIntelLpsss


Thanks to everyone who made this possibile: RehabMan, alexandred, black-dragon74, Mieze, acidanthera, every contributor to the repos/guides and the whole Hackintosh community.


Clover configuration files and DSDT/SSDT patches - High Sierra







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