Knowledge Independent Network Construction
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Knowledge Independent Network Construction (KINC)

KINC is a Qt/ACE application that produces a gene co-expression network (GCN) from a gene expression matrix (GEM). KINC implements several algorithms that are required for this process:


  • Pearson
  • Spearman


  • K-means
  • Gaussian mixture models


  • Random matrix theory


This software uses GSL, OpenCL, and ACE. For instructions on installing ACE, see the project repository. For all other dependencies, consult your package manager. For example, to install dependencies on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install libgsl2 ocl-icd-opencl-dev libopenmpi-dev

To build & install KINC:

cd build
qmake ../src/
make qmake_all
make qmake_all
make install

Using the KINC GUI or Console

ACE provides two different libraries for GUI and console applications. The kinc executable is the console or command line version and the qkinc executable is the GUI version.


To build a GCN involves several steps:

  1. Import expression matrix
  2. Compute cluster composition matrix
  3. Compute correlation matrix
  4. Compute thresholded correlation matrix


An error occurred in MPI_Init

KINC requires MPI as a dependency, but on most systems you can execute the command-line KINC as a stand-alone tool without using 'mpirun'. This is because KINC checks during runtime if MPI is appropriate for execution. However, on a SLURM cluster where MPI jobs must be run using the srun command and where PMI2 is compiled into MPI, then KINC cannot be executed stand-alone. It must be executed using srun with the --mpi argument set to pmi2. For example:

srun --mpi=pmi2 kinc run import_emx --input Yeast-ematrix.txt --output Yeast.emx --nan NA