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The scripts folder contains convenience bash scripts (inspired by the autobuild-ceph repo) to ceph in multiple ways.

The build_daemon_image script generates a deployable docker image by taking an installation folder and adding its contents on top of the official ceph-daemon base image:

./build_daemon_image /path/to/ceph/install/dir repo/image:tag

Where the files in the install/ should be in the usual /bin, /lib, etc. directories. For example:

./build `pwd`/install/usr/local ivotron/ceph-daemon:jewel

The above produces the image ivotron/ceph-daemon:jewel. This image can be used with the official ceph-ansible playbooks.

For more details, see this wiki page.


In the context of our Popper convention, we need something that is
end-to-end reproducible. For the same reasons, we would like to have a local dev environment that is not based on With the approach that we take to create ceph-daemon images, we can leverage the ceph-demo image to test locally.


TODO: show an example of how to create a new custom docker image


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