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import api.ScriptBase
import com.elektrobit.ebsolys.core.targetdata.api.runtime.eventhandling.Unit
import com.elektrobit.ebsolys.script.external.AfterScript
import com.elektrobit.ebsolys.script.external.BeforeScript
import com.elektrobit.ebsolys.script.external.Execute
import com.elektrobit.ebsolys.script.external.Execute.ExecutionContext
import com.elektrobit.ebsolys.script.external.ScriptContext
import java.util.ArrayList
import java.util.List
import java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService
import java.util.concurrent.Executors
import org.eclipse.xtend.lib.annotations.Data
class FluentBitHttpServer {
extension ScriptContext _scriptContext
extension ScriptBase _scriptBase
new(ScriptContext scriptContext) {
_scriptContext = scriptContext
_scriptBase = new ScriptBase(_scriptContext)
ExecutorService threadPool
Gson gson
ServerSocket server
val diskIOListType = new TypeToken<ArrayList<DiskIOItem>>(){}.getType();
val memoryListType = new TypeToken<ArrayList<MemoryItem>>(){}.getType();
val netifListType = new TypeToken<ArrayList<NetIfItem>>(){}.getType();
def setup() {
server = new ServerSocket(7071)
threadPool = Executors.newCachedThreadPool
gson = new Gson
def tearDown()
consolePrintln('Tear Down invoked')
* Add a meaningful content to the description tag to describe the feature, which is executed by this script
* The content of the description tag will be used in all UI widgets where the script can be invoked
* If the content is empty, then the classname.methodname will be used instead
@Execute(context=ExecutionContext.GLOBAL, description="Start HTTP Server and listen to Fluentbit log records...")
def execute() {
while (true) {
val socket = server.accept
new Runnable() {
override run() {
val in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream()));
val post = readHttpPostData(in)
switch (post.getUri) {
case 'memory': handleMemory(post.payload)
case 'diskIO' : handleDiskIO(post.payload)
case 'netif' : handleNetIf(post.payload)
default: { consolePrintln(post.payload) }
def readHttpPostData(BufferedReader in)
val post = in.readLine
val source = post.split(' ').get(1).substring(1)
in.readLine // Host
val len = Integer.parseInt(in.readLine.split(':').last.trim).intValue
in.readLine // Content-Type
in.readLine // User-Agent
in.readLine // Empty Line
val char[] buffer = newCharArrayOfSize(len)
new HttpPostData(source, new String(buffer))
def handleDiskIO(String jsonString) {
val List<DiskIOItem> diskIOList = gson.fromJson(jsonString, diskIOListType)
val timestamp = date.asMicroSeconds
createOrGetChannel("", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, read.asKiloBytes)
createOrGetChannel("DiskIO.write", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, write.asKiloBytes)
def handleMemory(String jsonString) {
val List<MemoryItem> memList = gson.fromJson(jsonString, memoryListType)
val timestamp = date.asMicroSeconds
createOrGetChannel("", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, total)
createOrGetChannel("Mem.used", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, used)
createOrGetChannel("", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, free)
def handleNetIf(String jsonString) {
val List<NetIfItem> memList = gson.fromJson(jsonString, netifListType)
val timestamp = date.asMicroSeconds
createOrGetChannel("Netif.rx.bytes", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, rxBytes.asKiloBytes)
createOrGetChannel("Netif.rx.packets", Unit.COUNT, '').addEvent(timestamp, rxPackets)
createOrGetChannel("Netif.tx.bytes", Unit.KILOBYTE, '').addEvent(timestamp, txBytes.asKiloBytes)
createOrGetChannel("Netif.tx.packets", Unit.COUNT, '').addEvent(timestamp, txPackets)
def asKiloBytes(long bytes)
bytes / 1024
def asMicroSeconds(double date)
class DiskIOItem {
double date
long read
long write
class MemoryItem {
double date
long total
long used
long free
class NetIfItem {
double date
long rxBytes
long rxPackets
long txBytes
long txPackets
class HttpPostData {
String uri
String payload
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