FirstAide is a application to help the Peace Corps Volunteers who are victims of sexual harassment.
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FirstAide Android is an Android app developed in Java

Peace Corps is committed to providing a compassionate and supportive response to all Volunteers who have been sexually assaulted. To that end, the Peace Corps makes the following commitment to our Volunteers who are victims of sexual assault.

This project is to support the initiative by creating a mobile app that PCVs can readily have accessible to report or gain information on Peace Corps Safety and Security procedures.

alt text

You can learn more about the Systers organization, whose members work on the development of this app here and join our mailing list here

Getting Started

Download Android Studio and the required SDK tools or get the Eclipse ADT plugin

###Installation: Go to your terminal and execute this command

$ git clone

Or download the ZIP file from above

###Opening and Running

  1. Launch android studio
  2. Click on File, then New and then Import Project Or from the welcome screen of android studio click on Import project. (If you wish to contribute, you can directly link to GitHub)
  3. Browse to the directory where you cloned (extracted the zip) FirstAide-Android App and take OK
  4. Let Android studio import the project, sync, run and build the Gradle.
  5. If Gradle finishes to build without error run the project by clicking on the play button on the tool bar.
  6. Wait for a few seconds and the app should start on your device(android phone or emulator)


Latest documentation for FirstAide can be found here


If you want to contribute to FirstAide-Android, subscribe to our systers-dev mailing list and shoot an introductory email. Pick an open issue from the issue list taged "free", claim it in the comments, fix the issue and send us a pull request. If you find an issue yourself you can report it, a community member will get back to you and approve the issue. Then you can fix it and submit a PR. Please go through our issue list first and make sure the issues you are reporting do not replicate the issues already reported. If you have issues on multiple pages, report them separately. Do not combine them into a single issue.

Avoid doing the following mistakes

  1. Fix a new issue and submit a PR without reporting and getting it approved at first.
  2. Fix an issue assigned to somebody else and submit a PR before the assignee does.
  3. Report issues which are previously reported by others. (Please check the closed issues too before you report an issue).
  4. Suggest completely new developments in the issue list. (Please use the mailing list for this kind of suggestions. Use issue list to suggest bugs/features in the already implemented sections.)

Best Practices

  1. Issue Reporting Best Practices
  2. PR Best Practices


If there are any problems encountered when installing the IDE, you may want to check and make sure you have a JDK and JRE installed. If you experience trouble building or running the project, you may not have the necessary build tools, which you can download directly through the IDE. If the app does not run on the emulator, it may be that the emulator is too slow, and you should look into installing one from an outside source.

If there are any other questions or concerns, you can either send a mail to the systers-dev mailing list adding the tag [FirstAide-Android] to the title or join #firstaide channel in our slack group. To get an invitation to the slack group click here.