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Discussion and resources page for both iOS and Android development strands. *This will be moved to malaria-app android/ios Wiki.
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Malaria App Project

This malaria-app-readme repository is intended to be the central repo for discussions, decision making, and feedback about the project goals and features so that the user experience across platforms is uniform. Comments and coding for a specific platform can happen at the repositories linked to below.

Link to iOS Repo:

Link to Android Repo:

Link to Web Server Support Repo (If Needed):

Application Description

Peace Corps is looking to build a mobile app that will aid the Volunteer in sustaining life-saving malaria prevention tactics over their 2+ years of service. Prevention is focused on sustained use of preventive medications, which are taken either daily or weekly, depending on the medicine. The application will feature a reminder system; an ability to indicate that medication was taken on time or missed; the ability for the volunteer to track their usage history; a trip indicator to help remind volunteers to pack certain supplies to prevent malaria if they leave their home village; and an Info Hub that will provide accurate information about Malaria and the medications they are taking.

Included in this repository are Adobe Illustrator (.ai), and Adobe PDF (.pdf) files that were created by University of Michigan design students to meet the requirements listed above. These resources are intended to be the building blocks of iOS and Android applications.

Also included in this repository for reference and background are two recent studies conducted by the CDC pertaining to use of preventative tactics by volunteers and their reasons for compliance or non-compliance with taking their medicine.

Asset Information

Included in this repository are files to help you get started:
  • Mock Up Version 8 (the latest mock up file) is included in pdf, png, and in the original Adobe Illustrator format.
  • A research folder containing a map of Malaria Prevalence, and additional information about Malaria from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Contact Information:

Patrick Choquette

Director of the Office of Innovation

Matthew McAllister

Special Assistant in the Office of Innovation