GSoC 2014

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For GSoC 2014, our goal is to have projects that impacts users/communities by improving their duties/tasks with technology. We want to provide projects in 1)various development languages, 2) technologies and 3) challenges. Systers will still maintain our current wiki for resources, however, we have created a repository here on github (by popular demand) so that students/mentees can publish and store their code, connect with other open source communities who use github, and learn how to store revisions of code like Git (Try Git!). More Github training materials >> here.

Some of the projects below are projects for Peace Corps volunteers (PCVs)and administrators. It is important that PCVs have tools that can help collect data and report back to PC headquarters on progress and status of their assignments. It's just as important for PC administrators/managers to track their PCVs activities and assignments. Additionally, our organization, Anita Borg Institute and Systers community have open source projects that will help our staff manage our volunteers and help our members collaborate better.

Peace Corps Projects

The Peace Corps has many volunteers (PCVs) out in the field assigned in various countries around the world. They get a lot of great technology projects started, usually at hackathons, but they never get any of them complete so that they can deploy the applications to the PCVs who really need technology to help their assignments in many ways. Systers will be working on 3 main Peace Corp projects that we hope to have them deployed by the end of this program.

[1] PeaceTrack - Android and iOS Version

[2] Malaria Prevention (Android and iOS versions)

[3] Mobile App Control Center (Python w/Django)

[4] Ushahidi Crowdsourcing Platform (Crowdmap)

[5] Photo Language Translation (Ruby on Rails)

Systers Projects

Systers, an Anita Borg Institute (ABI) Community, have very specific needs to help them internally and externally with managing volunteers and having a Systers (and sub groups) portal. The Volunteer Management System and Systers Portal will hope to help Systers and volunteers to make a much engaged connection.

Systers will also also be upgrading to the latest Systers GNU Mailman and applying our customized Systers features to the latest release. Because we have a customized version, it is a very complex and has a more difficulty level for programmers.

[6] Volunteer Management System (Python w/Django)

[7] Systers Portal (Python w/Django)

[8] Testing Automation (Selenium using both Java and Python)