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Peace Track helps hold accountability for the work Volunteers conduct in the field. The ReadMe repo is purely for discussion on features common across platforms, it does not host code. *This will be moved to peacetrack android/ios Wiki.
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Volunteer Reporting Tool - Data Structure
Volunteer Reporting Tool - Reference Material
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Objective of this Project

The objective of this project is to understand the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) process Peace Corps currently uses to assess the impact of Peace Corps Volunteers in the field, understand the data structure and reporting workflow changes the Agency would like to make in the future, and create a mobile solution that best represents that future desired state. This mobile application will serve as a change agent within the Agency. This application is a tangible product that represents our goal and our future, and will prepare us to go live with a better M&E tool.

This project should not just be seen as an internal change agent, but as the cornerstone tool of the future of Peace Corps Volunteer reporting on the work that they do. This effort will cause more Volunteers to report on their work, and allow Peace Corps to make data-driven decisions in all aspects of our business.

We appreciate the work of those who are helping advance this project at all levels. We are grateful for your help.

Get Up to Speed

Please start by reading the latest requirements doc located in the GitHub root directory.