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CiviCRM Donation Receipts Extension
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SYSTOPIA Donation Receipts Extension

This is a CiviCRM extension designed for "heavy duty" donation receipt generation. Find the user documentation at


  • Single or batch donation receipts
  • Choose from various output formats (CSV, PDF, sorted PDF, ...)
  • Status control: draft, receipted, withdrawn
  • Modification control: certain attributes of recipted contributions can not be changed any more (unless receipt withdrawn)
  • Comes with rebook feature to rebook contributions to another contact in a traceable way
  • Allows generation receipts in big numbers by asynchronous generator
  • Snapshot approach prevents modification or duplicates while generating donation receipts
  • Compliant with German tax requirements

Restrictions (ask us for a fix):

  • Drupal or Joomla CMS. WordPress users currently report errors.
  • Currently hardcoded for EUR
  • Shipped template German and optimised for wkhtm2pdf
  • "Amount in words" currently German only
  • Client side (JavaScript) only thoroughly tested on Firefox
  • Doesn't process partially deductible contributions yet (see #23)
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