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CiviCRM Remote Tools Extension - Toolkit for CiviCRM Integration with remote systems


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SYSTOPIA's Remote Tools

This extension is meant to be a toolbox for integrating CiviCRM with other (potentially) remote systems. An example for this could be your website, and/or another database.


  • Create a secure link between a remote system's user (e.g. Drupal user) and a CivCRM contact.
  • Generate and validate customized/personalized secure tokens.
  • Get, create, update, and delete entities via a special remote API with user based permission check.
  • Forms with validation for create and update.
  • Different implementations for the same entity using profiles.
  • Remote entity fields can differ from the actual entity fields.


  • PHP 7.4 or 8
  • CiviCRM 5.57


For the frontend part you can use the CiviRemote Drupal module.


You can use this extension via other extensions that rely on Remote Tools:

Providing own remote entities

If you want to provide an own remote entity that accesses the entity MyEntity, you can do the following:


Now you should be able to access data via APIv4, e.g.

civicrm_api4('RemoteMyEntity', 'get', ['profile' => 'my-profile']);

(Use the APIv4 explorer to test.)

Most methods in the profile class have a parameter named $contactId. This contains the remote contact ID resolved to a CiviCRM contact ID or NULL if no remote contact ID was given. If a given remote contact ID could not be resolved, access is denied. The resolving is done using the extension de.systopia.identitytracker.

You can find more information in the PHPDoc of the various classes, interfaces, and methods.

All elements that can be safely used by third parties are marked with @api. Their behavior will be stable within minor updates. Breaking changes may only happen in major updates (semantic versioning). If a class or interface is marked with @api then this applies to all methods within it. If you'd like to use code that is not labeled as API, yet, please open an issue, so we can consider to add it to the API.


Forms for creation and update are specified in a \Civi\RemoteTools\Form\FormSpec\FormSpec. This specification will be converted to JSON Forms. (Different output would be possible with a custom action handler.) The Drupal module civiremote_entity provides the corresponding part that accesses the remote entity API and renders the forms as Drupal forms.


The extension is licensed under AGPL-3.0.


CiviCRM Remote Tools Extension - Toolkit for CiviCRM Integration with remote systems