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🚀 Exploration the solar system created by Three.js
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Three.js Solar Exploration

Three.js Solar Exploration

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  • This is a web 3D Solar System, you can explore the solar system and click the planets to see some resource data of them.
  • The project is mainly built on Three.js, while the animation is built on Tween.js, and the backend uses Spring Boot.
  • The project can been seen from the link below Click Me
  • The project has best experience in Chrome.

Feature Review

Home page is the solar system, every planet in it can be clicked to see the detailed data. picture

There is a transition page between solar system and the "scene" for a specific planet, it will briefly introduce the planet picture

In planet scene, you can rotate the planet, double click the planet to see resource data, and other interesting features picture

The earth scene is special, you can click the timeline and the "cone" to see resource data each year picture

And you can click the "All" button to see all the data in the earth, this earth is built on webgl-globe picture


  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Put the base folder in a web environment, for example apache, and then open the index.html.

  2. We recommend to see this project in Chrome.

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