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Use Case

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Use Case

  • There are some examples on example/ directory.
  • You may replace some ATS plugins.

Hello world

  • unified_hello.rb
if server_name == "NGINX"
  Server = Nginx
elsif server_name == "Apache"
  Server = Apache
elsif server_name == "ApacheTrafficServer"
  Server = ATS

Server::rputs "Hello #{Server::module_name}/#{Server::module_version} world!"
# mod_mruby => "Hello mod_mruby/0.9.3 world!"
# ngx_mruby => "Hello ngx_mruby/0.0.1 world!"
# ts_mruby  => "Hello ts_mruby/0.0.1 world!"
  • remap.config
map /test @pparam=etc/trafficserver/unified_hello.rb

Load balancing

  • Randomize a target host of ATS origin server.
backends = [
upstream =
upstream.server = backends[rand(backends.length)]

Header rewriting (An alternative of Header Rewrite Plugin)

r =
conn =
r.headers_in["X-ATS-Plugin"] = "ts_mruby"
r.headers_in["X-Forwarded-For"] = conn.remote_ip

Regexp base reverse proxy rule (An alternative of Regex Remap Plugin)

req =
path = req.uri + req.args

if path =~ /^\/(ogre.*)\/bad/
elsif path =~ /^\/oldurl\/(.*)$/
  ATS::redirect '' + $1, ATS::HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY

Flexible overriding configuratrions (An alternative of Configuration Remap Plugin)

  • Enable cache:
records =
records.set ATS::Records::TS_CONFIG_HTTP_CACHE_HTTP, 1

Change to maintenance mode with Redis

redis = '', 6789

if redis['ts_maint']
  body = <<'EOS'
    <title>Message from your proxy ...</title>
    <p>Sorry, maintainance mode now ...</p>
  ATS::echo body

Markdown Web Page

discount ="", "Markdown Web page example")
md = <<'EOS'
# Markdown Web page example

* You can write web pages by Markdown format.
* The doc will converted to html when HTTP requests come.

## Requirements

* [mruby-discount](

## Example

* This .rb file is it!

html = discount.header
html << discount.md2html(md)
html << discount.footer

ATS::rputs html

Image resizer


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