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Gcode Analyser V2 feature planning

syue87 edited this page Apr 12, 2018 · 4 revisions

Rewrite from scratch

  • Rewrite from scratch for better efficiency and flexibility for adding new features.
  • I'm considering writing core components in WebAssembly for faster speed which allows for more advanced features.

Better time estimation

  • The current implementation assumes infinite buffer size and perfectly optimized movement(a static time scale is applied to counter that which is not always accurate). The new implement allows more realistic simulation based on controller hardware capacity.
  • Account time for heating

Improved viewer

  • Possibly in 3D if I can get it to work with a reasonable FPS.

More statistics

  • More statistics such as price estimation based on print time and filament usage.

Per layer statistics

  • Report all the existing statistics on a per layer basis.

Multi extrusion support

  • Support multi extrusion in simulation and viewer

Gcode modification/optimization

  • Shift Print.
  • Rotate print to have most lines going diagonal to improve speed.

Donation towards making the new version is appreciated!

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