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Hugo Theme Arch

Hugo Theme Arch is a single column theme for hugo based on Bootstrap and a css styling from Bootstrap Enhancement.

It is a simple template containing a nice header menu bar and content area.

Ported from archweb.

Hugo Arch Theme screenshot

Get the source code

I assume you've Git installed. Inside the folder of your Hugo site run

$ git clone https://github.com/syui/hugo-theme-arch
$ cd hugo-theme-arch

Nearly finished

In order to see your site in action, run Hugo's built-in local server.

# install hugo
$ sudo pacman -S go
$ export GOPATH=$HOME/go
$ go get -v github.com/spf13/hugo

# build
$ hugo

# preview
$ hugo server
$ curl -sL localhost:1313

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.


- baseurl = "https://syui.github.io/hugo-theme-arch/"
+ baseurl = "/"


Thanks to Steve Francia for creating Hugo and the awesome community around the project.

Thanks to Digitalcraftsman for creating Hugo theme.


Moritz : talaria