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A simple module version manager for Deno.
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  • A module version manager for Deno.
  • dem creates versioned aliases of modules.
    • alias files are stored in vendor directory.
  • modules managed by dem can be easily updated using dem update.

Example of alias file

  • vendor/https/
export * from '';


deno install dem --allow-read --allow-write


  • Initialize project and add module.
$ dem init
successfully initialized a project.

$ dem add
successfully added new module:, version: v0.15.0
  • Import module from vendor directory in ts file.


import * as path from './vendor/https/';

console.log(path.join(Deno.cwd(), 'example'));
  • Resolve module files used in project.
$ dem ensure
successfully created alias:
  • Run project.
$ deno example.ts
  • If you want to update module, use dem update.
$ dem update
successfully updated module:, version: v0.16.0


dem init                                   // initialize dem.json
dem add     // add module `dejs` and set its version to `0.1.0`
dem link   // create alias of `dejs@0.1.0/mod.ts` and put it into vendor.
dem update  // update module to `0.2.0`
dem unlink // remove alias of `dejs@0.2.0/mod.ts`.
dem remove        // remove module `dejs`
dem ensure                                 // resolve modules used in project and link them.
dem prune (WIP)                            // remove unused modules and aliases.

Unsupported features

  • default export
  • dem prune
  • manage .d.ts file





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