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DMS Tools and Utilities
Copyright (C) 2009 David M. Syzdek <>
This package is a collection miscellaneous programs that are not large enough
to require thier own projects, but are useful none the less. For basic
installation instructions, please see the INSTALL file.
For the latest information about this project is available from the following
Utilities and Tools
The following utilities and tools are included in this package:
bitops - Performs multiple calculations upon two numbers for a quick
reference of the affects of bitwise operators.
codetagger - Replaces the text between two tags with the text
contained within a tag definitions file.
posixregex - Attempts to match the specified regular expression
using POSIX regular expressions against the provided strings.
Useful for testing a POSIX regular expressions or using POSIX
regular expressions in shell scripts.
Getting the source
The source code for this project is maintained using git (
The following instructions checkout the source code from the git repository
and creates the autotool files:
git clone git://
cd dmstools
aclocal && autoconf && autoheader && automake
The git repository may also be cloned using the following locations:
Installing From Source
Supported platforms:
* FreeBSD
* Slackware Linux 12.1
* OS X 10.5
Required Software:
* GNU Autoconf
* GNU Automake
* GNU Compiler Collection
* GNU Lib C
* GNU Libtool
* Make
Basic installation:
cd dmstools
make install
For additional installation information and options, please refer to the
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