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Miscellaneous tools for tasks that did not have an existing tool I could find.
C Shell
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DMS Tools and Utilities
Copyright (C) 2009, 2010, 2013 David M. Syzdek <>

This package is a collection miscellaneous programs that are not large enough
to require thier own projects, but are useful none the less.  For basic
installation instructions, please see the INSTALL file.

For the latest information about this project is available from the following

Utilities and Tools

The following utilities and tools are included in this package:

	Makefile-xcode - for calling Makefiles created with Automake from
		within Xcode using the external build target.

	bindump - displays the contents of a file in binary notation or
		displays the difference between two files in binary notation
		if two files are specified.

	bitcopy - Copies a specified number of bits into a buffer at a
		specific offset indicated and displays the output as binary.

	bitops - Performs multiple calculations upon two numbers for a quick
		reference of the affects of bitwise operators.

	codetagger - Replaces the text between two tags with the text
		contained within a tag definitions file.

	colors - displays ANSI escape codes for generating colored text in
		text terminals.

	macaddrinfo - MAC address tool for converting between MAC addresses, IPv6
		addresses, and modified EUI-64 identifiers as well as display meta
      information about MAC addresses.

	numconvert - converts between binary, octal, decimal, and hexidecimal
		based number systems.

	posixregex - Attempts to match the specified regular expression
		using POSIX regular expressions against the provided strings.
		Useful for testing a POSIX regular expressions or using POSIX
		regular expressions in shell scripts.

	suicide - This utility is used to test the behavior of signals
		without needing to run a program and using the kill

	typedef-info - display information about C/C++ data types.

Installing From Source

Supported platforms:

	* FreeBSD
	* Slackware Linux 14.1
	* OS X 10.8

Required Software:

	* Bash shell
	* GNU Autoconf
	* GNU Automake
	* GNU Compiler Collection
	* GNU Gettext
	* GNU Lib C
	* GNU Libtool
	* Make

Basic installation:

	cd dmstools
	make install

For additional installation information and options, please refer to the

Getting the source

The source code for this project is maintained using git (
The following contains information to checkout the source code from the git repository
and create the autotool files.

   Browse Source:

   Git URLs:

   Downloading Source:

      $ git clone git://

   Preparing Source:

      $ cd dmstools
      $ ./

   Git Branches:
      master - Current release of packages.
      next   - changes staged for next release
      pu     - proposed updates for next release
      xx/yy+ - branch for testing new changes before merging to 'pu' branch
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