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Quantee is an in-development platformer, intended to draw inspiration from quantum mechanics (but not too heavily... it is foremost supposed to be playable).

We're also trying to keep some of the code generic enought so that we can rip it out and turn it into a framework without too much effort.


  • Python 2.7
  • Pygame 1.9
  • PyYAML 3.10

Try it

Assuming your system recognises python as Python 2.7:

% python src/

You should be able to run around, jump, collect a star and replay the level. Use Escape to exit the game.


Sadly, far from completion. You can use pydoc to look at what's there. A brief overview:

  • src/ -- main project file contains a messy bunch of classes
  • src/ -- Game the which manages the entire main loop
  • src/ -- Engine an abstract base class for backends
  • src/
    • SDL a PyGame-based backend
    • AssetManager an abstract base class for assets-loading objects
  • src/ -- QAssets an asset loader for SDL
  • src/ -- QEngine an SDL subclass wrapping the PyGame events with more convenient (in our case) wrapper methods
  • src/ -- Level the class guiding the interactions of everything that composes a game level
  • src/ -- Entity a base class for all on-screen objects that an user might see
  • src/ -- Behaviour an abstact base class for things that control Entities' actions
  • src/ -- Stage collection of layered Entities tied to a particular level
  • src/ -- Director abstract base class for things bossing everyone in a given Level around
  • src/ -- Box class for axis alligned bounding boxes
  • src/ -- considered for deprecation
    • DrawingStrategy abstract base class for objects deciding what to draw onscreen
    • Everything -- the simplest one possible
    • DirtyWholes -- draws less than Everything in some cases, but always redraws a whole Entity

Known bugs

So far we only know this

  • Quantee is hovering a few pixels over the ground level instead of standing on the ground when jumping in place. It doesn't happen when he moves even a pixel left or right.


The scheme is major.minor.release-optional_suffix. For versions below 1.0.0 we allow breaking backward compatibility when the minor changes and introducing new API elements when the release changes. Post 1.0.0 we'll break compatibility only each major version, add new stuff each minor and fix bugs each release.

Change history





Karol Marcjan: @szabba on both twitter and github

Bartosz Boguniewicz: @drBradley on github