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   Switch over to use PostgreSQL
   Rename the password field to sha1 and use SHA1
   Start using CPAN::Faker for testing.
   Remove process_missing_dist as we don't want to look at any more.

v0.15 2010.02.06
   Add (username) write: to the messages sent out
   Add some unit tests
   Fix the style sheet so threads can be seen on Safari as well.
   Make some of the pages XHTML compatible again.

v0.14 2010.01.03
   Add simple HTML generation.
   Fix some tests
   Rename all the environment variables to be CPAN_FORUM_*
   Eliminate the need for CPAN_FORUM_ROOT and add a few other env variables.

v0.13 2010.01.02
   First release after a long time.
   The code of CPAN::Forum is probably broken in this distribution.
   The reason to release it is the new Populate module and script that
   for now can use mirror CPAN.

  Added option to disable all e-mail notifications
  Enable adding tags to CPAN modules
  Replace Class::DBI by plain SQL calls in most of the application


  Added /atom feed.
  Added /rss/threads feed with the latest threads
  Enable listing modules based on module author

  Add /author/PAUSEID to show all posts related to modules maintained by

  Move some of the run modues to be in the CPAN::Forum::RM namespace.

  Add large button on dist page to start a new post.

  Added process_missing_dist that will automatically add distributions
  if they are accessed by one of the search engines and exist on
  When a request arrives to /dist/XYZ and XYZ is not in our database
  we can fetch and add the entry to our
  database. In order not to let some random person bombard our server and that
  in turn that we don't bombard (though our server will
  crash much sooner than we can add a list of trusted client
  ip addresses from the list in the log file. After all very soon most of the
  correct entries will be added to the database. A trusted ip would be
  GoogleBot, msnbot, inktomisearch and similar
  Cleaned up STDERR, moved voluntary warnings to logger

  Cookie exparation was increased from 1 day to 14 days

  Provide a csv file with the number of posts for each distribution so
  other sites can include it.
  Create stats page with top 50 modules

  Logging: add client IP to logger to enable filtering log messages based on that

  Clean up STDERR, move (some) voluntary warnings to logger

  Include link to AnnoCPAN, rearrange links

  Create links
  Fix the dist based feeds:

  bin/ now gets all its arguments using --options
  bin/ now uses --options

  Let people monitor all current and future modules associated with a certain PAUSE ID.
  (both RSS and e-mail)
  A table called "subscription_PAUSE"

  Let people subscribe to all messages or all thread starters or all followups.
  Add a table called "subscription_all"
  Longer usernames
  Search box on more pages
  Search for module uses % at the beginning of the string as well
  Include stars of CPAN Ratings
  Admin can add new modules manually

  Put the page size and the rss size in the configuration table
  Make CPAN::Forum::Configure an easy interface to the configuration table
  Give "no result" on no result
  Trim off leading and trailing spaces from the query.
  Hide distname from the listing when resticted to one distribution (the same with users)
  Setup a "status" variable for the site that allows the administrator to lock the whole site.
     Currently it does not let the admin outlock, s/he has to remove the db/status file for this.

  Search for users
  Unite the serch methods
  Accept both upper-case and lower-case HTML tags and turn them all to lower
    case tags when displaying
  Accept <a href=> tags for http and mailto
  Admin page
  Admin can change "From" e-address
  Enable <i>, <b> <br> and <a ..> with <p></p> pairs
  Remove the selection box from the post interface as it was not used there.
  Put the search form on the home page as well.
  Admin can change e-mail address of any user
  Add paging

  <p>, <br> enabled
  Add link to Kobes Search
  Improve full text search for posts
  Add capability to search for module names

- markup improved, bugs fixed

- POD cleanup (Shlomi Fish)

- More tests

- Start using Parse::RecDescent


- Before writing a new post instead of showing a list of all the modules now
the user first will search for a module name. post link should give a search
box that will let the user search within the names of the modules. The result
should be a restricted list with only a few module names in a pull-down menu
like we have now. The search is a regular SQL LIKE search and we add % signs
at both ends of the typed in word.

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