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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-See the documentation of CPAN::Forum
-for details on how to set it up.
+See the documentation of CPAN::Forum for details on the
+"INSTALLATION of a development environment"
@@ -104,70 +104,83 @@ PerlMonks. Right now we have our own registration and login mechanism.
=head1 INSTALLATION of a development environment
-=head2 Apache
-This is the configuration of my Apache server on my notebook
- AddHandler cgi-script .pl
- <VirtualHost>
- ServerName cpan.local
- DocumentRoot /home/gabor/work/gabor/public/dev/CPAN/www/
- ScriptAliasMatch ^/(.*/.*) /home/gabor/work/gabor/public/dev/CPAN/www/cgi/$1
- DirectoryIndex cgi/
- </VirtualHost>
- <Directory "/home/gabor/work/dev/CPAN">
- Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI
- AllowOverride None
- Order allow,deny
- Allow from
- </Directory>
=head2 hosts
For local installations in /etc/hosts I added:
- cpan.local
-That way, I have a totally separate virtual host just for this application.
-In a real setting probably you'll have something like
-pointed to your server.
+ test.cpanforum.local
+That way, I can have a totally separate virtual host just for this application.
=head2 PostgreSQL
$ sudo -u postgres psql postgres
- postgres=# CREATE ROLE xyz LOGIN;
- postgres=# CREATE DATABASE abc OWNER = xyz;
+ postgres=# CREATE ROLE forum_test_user LOGIN;
+ postgres=# CREATE DATABASE cpanforum_test OWNER = forum_test_user;
$ sudo vi /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf
-Add: local all xyz trust
+Add: local all forum_test_user trust
$ sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 restart
Now this should work:
- $ psql -U xyz abc
+ $ psql -U forum_test_user cpanforum_test
+=head2 Apache
+This is the configuration of my Apache server on my development machine.
+(Actually I have several of these and one of them is using mod_perl2.
+ <VirtualHost *:80>
+ ServerName test.cpanforum.local
+ SETENV CPAN_FORUM_LOGFILE /tmp/cpanforum_test.log
+ SETENV CPAN_FORUM_DB cpanforum_test
+ SETENV CPAN_FORUM_USER forum_test_user
+ DocumentRoot /home/gabor/work/cpan-forum/www
+ Alias /img /home/gabor/work/cpan-forum/www/img
+ Alias /pod /home/gabor/.cpanforum/dist
+ AliasMatch ^/dist/(.+/.+) /home/gabor/.cpanforum/dist/$1
+ ScriptAliasMatch ^/(\w*)$ /home/gabor/work/cpan-forum/www/cgi/$1
+ ScriptAliasMatch ^/(.*/.*) /home/gabor/work/cpan-forum/www/cgi/$1
+ DirectoryIndex cgi/
+ </VirtualHost>
+=head2 Environment variables
+in ~/.bashrc I have the following:
+ export CPAN_FORUM_LOGFILE=/tmp/cpanforum_gabor.log
+ export CPAN_FORUM_TEST_URL=http://test.cpanforum.local/
+ export CPAN_FORUM_TEST_DB=cpanforum_test
+ export CPAN_FORUM_TEST_USER=forum_test_user
=head2 Install the perl code
=head2 test the code
perl Build.PL - and make sure the prerequisites are installed
+ some of the can be installed using sudo aptitude ...
+ for others I configured local::lib, installed them locally
+ and configured the Apache server to look at that by adding the following
+ to the configuration file of Apache:
+ SETENV PERL5LIB /home/gabor/perl5/lib/perl5:/home/gabor/perl5/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi
./Build test
- chmod a+x www/cgi/ (needed only if you work out of the repository)
-Finally, manually edit the www/cgi/ file and set the sh-bang to the correct one
+ chmod a+x www/cgi/
-=head2 Setup the database
+=head2 Setup and populate the database
perl bin/
--username testadmin The user name of the administrator used on the web interface
@@ -194,11 +207,6 @@ The path to the root of the unzipped distribution is
determined automatically by the cgi script or the mod_perl
handle. Path to lib/ and templates/ can be derived from it.
-Path to the SQLite file /path/to/db/forum.db
Path to the log file.

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