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# Changes
# Revision history for the Class::Base module.
# Andy Wardley <>
0.08 2016.08.25
Fix release (hopefully)
0.07 2016.08.25
0.06 2014.08.26
Add license to META files
Updating the Changes file
0.05 2012.05.16
Silencing a warning by chromatic RT 75286
Linking to source repository
0.04 2012.02.06
Test script is using Test::More instead the home-made ok() and is().
Recommend using Badger::Base instead.
Gabor Szabo co-maintainer.
0.03 2002.05.13
Added the params() method which is typically called from the init()
method to copy value from a configuration hash into $self.
Minor changes to debug() method to only use object value _DEBUG if
defined, otherwise fall back on $DEBUG package variable.
0.02 2002.02.20
Added the clone() method as suggested by Brian Moseley
Added the id(), debug() and debugging() methods to provide a fairly
simple mechanism for generating debugging information.
0.01 2002.01.11
initial version