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Perl module to make Makefiles and build modules (what backs Makefile.PL)

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This is a CPAN distribution of the venerable MakeMaker module.

PLEASE NOTE: This distribution does not include the xsubpp or typemap
programs.  They are extremely specific to your version or Perl, so
MakeMaker will simply use the one which came with your copy of Perl.
Do not delete your old ExtUtils/ directory.

Known Problems:

(See for a full list of open problems.)

ActivePerl likely broken if installed in C:\Program Files or other
prefix with a space in the name.

manifypods target produces command lines too long for some systems

Using the MMS utility on VMS causes lots of extra newlines.  Unknown
why this is so, might be a bug in MMS.  Problem not seen with MMK.

ActivePerl/Win95 disttest produces "File creation error" from somewhere
in running Makefile.PL after check_manifest() is run.  Don't know why.

See TODO for details.

Please report any bugs via or to
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