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# NOTE: inc::Module::Install::PRIVATE::Padre needs Perl 5.8, so make sure
# that we force the Perl version check (and fail) early.
# Unicode is also considered to finally be "stable" at 5.8.5, so we will
# set our dependency on that.
use 5.008005;
use strict;
#use lib 'privinc';
use inc::Module::Install 1.00;
#use POSIX qw(locale_h);
# Workaround for the fact that Module::Install loads the modules
# into memory and when Test::NoWarnings is loaded it will hide
# the warnings generated from that point.
# Removed in r2208, added again in r9001
eval {
require Test::NoWarnings;
# Configure-time dependencies MUST be done first.
# This version ensures that we have a new MakeMaker that
# WON'T load modules to determine the version.
# This _SHOULD_ theoretically make the "require Test::NoWarnings".
# stuff above here no longer needed.
configure_requires 'ExtUtils::MakeMaker' => '6.52';
# NOTE: Core modules that aren't dual-life should always have a version of 0
name 'PPIx-EditorTools';
license 'perl';
author 'Steffen Mueller C<>';
author 'Repackaged by Mark Grimes C<>';
author 'Ahmad M. Zawawi <>';
all_from 'lib/PPIx/';
requires 'perl' => '5.008005';
# General dependencies
requires 'Carp';
requires 'Class::XSAccessor' => '1.02';
requires 'File::Spec';
requires 'File::Basename';
requires 'PPI' => '1.215';
requires 'PPI::Find' => '0';
requires 'Try::Tiny' => '0.11';
test_requires 'File::Find' => '0';
test_requires 'File::Temp' => '0';
test_requires 'Test::More' => '0.88';
test_requires 'Test::Most' => '0';
test_requires 'Test::Differences' => '0';
test_requires 'Test::NoWarnings' => '0.084';
no_index 'directory' => qw{ t xt eg share inc privinc };
homepage '';
bugtracker '';
repository '';
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