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The source code of


Theoretically this code should be usable to run other sites as well, but there are two main issues:

  1. Probably there are number of assumptions specific to the Perl-Maven site. (These should be cleaned up, so if you encounter them, open a ticket)

  2. The application is in flux. I might make some major changes to the file format or the configuration format as I try to make the site more generic. This, combined with a lack of test coverage might lead to some frustration. Even though if I change the file-format, I'll probably also write a converter as I'll need it too.

With that said, you are more than welcome to try the application, give feedback, suggest bug fixes, features, changes etc.


Clone the Perl-Maven repository (or fork in and clone the forked version):

$ git clone

Create the database:

$ perl bin/

Create configuration directory and configuration file:

$ mkdir config
$ cp mymaven.yml.skel config/mymaven.yml

Configure DNS name resolving of to

On Linux/Unix add the following line to /etc/hosts:

This page shows the location of the hosts file on other operating systems, including various versions of MS Windows.

Create the directory for the pages:

$ mkdir -p ../
$ mkdir -p ../
$ mkdir -p ../

Copy images

$ cp public/img/*  ../

Create ../


$ cp resources.yml.skel ../

Create ../ with the following content:

  english: English
  name: English
  english: German
  name: Deutsch

Create ../ with the following content:

=title Example site
=timestamp 2013-07-16T00:00:02
=status show
=show_date 0
=author 0
=archive 0
=comments_disqus_enable 0
=show_related 0

<h2>Welcome to your own Perl-Maven based site</h2>

Generate the meta files:

$ cd Perl-Maven
$ perl bin/

Run the application using plackup -r

And visit the main page at

Setting up a new site

  • Add configuration to mymaven.yml
  • symlink from views/sites/domain to the template directory of the site

In the root of add a symlink to lead to the pro directory to make the include files work

$ cd ~/work/
$ ln -s ../perlmaven-pro pro

clone the repository of the articles into a directory next to the Perl-Maven directory

$ git clone


You should be able to see the English website.

If you also create DNS mapping for

Then you can visit though the links between the language will lead to the production site.


To tidy the Perl code, run:

$ cpanm Code::TidyAll
$ cpanm Perl::Tidy
$ tidyall -a --refresh-cache

Before contributing anything beyond really simple fixes, please open an issue and then in each commit message mention that issue. That will make it easier later to map changes to features.

Third-party sources

The flags are from

Found them on

Video player:

Multilingual site

The site provides multi-lingual capabilities. The default site on that URL is in English, but there are localized versions of the site on URLs such as

Adding a new language (site)

  • Get the language code from wikimedia
  • Create the sites/CC/ from skeleton
  • Add the language to sites.yml
  • Add site to the app.psgi and restart Starman on the server
  • Updating the mymaven.yml configuration file is optional

Registration and purchase process


  • user types in e-mail

  • system send e-mail with confirmation code

  • when user clicks on link the account is verified, the user is marked as logged in and prompted for a password (but the system also sais the password can be set later.

  • If a user has not been verified yet, send an e-mail and ask if I can help (or shall I just delete the old but unverified accounts?

  • If a user does not yet have a password, send an e-mail explaining the new story

Munin integration

  1. Install the following packages to the system perl libdbi-perl libdbd-sqlite3-perl libdbd-sqlite-perl libjson-xs-perl libmongodb-perl

  2. Create symlinks:

sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_subscribers_per_product  /etc/munin/plugins/
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_users  /etc/munin/plugins/
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_new_users  /etc/munin/plugins/
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_logs  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_logs_hostnames
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_logs  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_logs_hostnames_daily
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_logs  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_logs_translations_daily
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_logs  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_logs_processing
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_logs  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_logs_time
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_mongo  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_mongo_hits
sudo ln -s /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/etc/munin/perl_maven_mongo  /etc/munin/plugins/perl_maven_mongo_elapsed_time
  1. Add to crontab something like this (except of the username, and the path to perl):
*/5 * * * * (cd /home/foobar/work/Perl-Maven/; /home/foobar/dwimperl-linux-5.20.1-10-x86_64/perl/bin/perl etc/munin/perl_maven_logs collect)
  1. Restart the munin node(!)

sudo service munin-node restart


docker build -t perlmaven .
docker run --rm -it -p5000:5000 -v$(pwd)/..:/opt perlmaven
cd Perl-Maven
plackup -r