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v0.05 2012.05.18
Move author tests to xt
Avoid sort in scalar context
Add perl 5.006 as prerequisite
v0.04 2012.05.16
Moved to github
ExtUtils::MakeMaker instead of Module::Build
Clean up the tests
Add version number to all the modules
v0.03 2006.09.22
New tubes:
- grep
Change the run mode,
my $p = Pipe->cat("file"); # returns a Pipe object
$p->run; # executes the pipe.
my $p = Pipe->cat("file")->run; # also works
v0.02 2006.04.14
New tubes:
- find
- print (was not working in previous release)
- say
- tuple
Added few examples to the documentation.
v0.01 2006.04.12
Initial release
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