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This is MIME::Lite 3.01_01 Test Maintenance Release
    Please be WARNED that this is a test release and should NOT be blindly
    put into production. I would appreciate any and all feedback as to
    whether any problems occur in using it, especially as I have no way
    currently to test sendmail functionality.

    Install using

      make test
      make install

    Or instead of the last line, even better is

      make install TEST_VERBOSE=1

    Adjust the make command as is appropriate for your OS. 'nmake' is the
    usual name under Win32

    In order to read the docmentation please use

      perldoc MIME::Lite

    from the command line or visit

    for a list of all MIME::Lite related materials including the
    documentation in HTML of all of the released versions of MIME::Lite.

    MIME::Lite comes with a number of extra files in the distribution
    bundle. This includes examples, and utility modules that you can use to
    get yourself started with the module.

    The ./examples directory contains a number of snippets in prepared form,
    generally they are documented, but they should be easy to understand.

    The ./contrib directory contains a companion/tool modules that come
    bundled with MIME::Lite, they dont get installed by default. Please
    review the POD they come with.

    MIME::Lite works nicely with other certain other modules if they are present.
    Good to have installed is the latest MIME::Types, Mail::Address MIME::Base64.

    Should tests fail please review the ./testout directory, and in any bug
    reports please include the output of the relevent file. This is the only
    redeeming feature of not using Test::More that I can see.

    Bug fixes / Patches / Contribution are welcome, however I probably won't
    apply them unless they also have an associated test. This means that if
    I dont have the time to write the test the patch wont get applied, so
    please, include tests for any patches you provide.

    Copyright (c) 1997 by Eryq.
    Copyright (c) 1998 by ZeeGee Software Inc.
    Copyright (c) 2003 Yves Orton. demerphq (at)

    All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can
    redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl

    This software comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind. See the COPYING
    file in the distribution for details.


Visit for a excellent community of perl programmers, experts and
just generally nice and knowledgable people.  Be sure to post a code snippet
that illustrates your question if you go there for advice.


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