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This is MIME::Lite::HTML, a module which provide routine 
to transform a HTML page in a MIME::Lite mail


To install this module, cd to the directory that contains
this README file and type the following:

   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install

If you can't do that, you can put file in
directory $root/MIME/Lite/ and then put use lib
$root in your program (make same thing if you haven't MIME-Lite
So it give:

and in your script:

use lib '/home/alian/mylibperl';
use MIME::Lite;
use MIME::Lite::HTML;


libnet, MIME::Lite


You'll find documentation in the file in POD format
See too the eg directory

When you install MIME::Lite::HTML, the MakeMaker program
will automatically install the manual pages for you
(on Unix systems, type "man MIME::Lite::HTML").

Here an extract of POD documentation:

    MIME::Lite::HTML - Provide routine to transform a HTML page in a
    MIME-Lite mail

      use MIME::Lite::HTML;

      my $mailHTML = new MIME::Lite::HTML
         From     => '',
         To       => 'alian@saturne',
         Subject => 'Mail in HTML with images';

      $MIMEmail = $mailHTML->parse('');
      $MIMEmail->send; # or for win user : $mail->send_by_smtp('');

    This module is a Perl mail client interface for sending message that
    support HTML format and build them for you.. This module provide routine
    to transform a HTML page in MIME::Lite mail. So you need this module to
    use MIME-Lite-HTML possibilities

  What's happen ?

    The job done is:

    *   Get the file (LWP) if needed

    *   Parse page to find include images

    *   Attach them to mail with adequat header if asked (default)

    *   Include external CSS,Javascript file

    *   Replace relative url with absolute one

    *   Build the final MIME-Lite object with each part found


    Did you alread see link like "Send this page to a friend" ?. With this
    module, you can do script that to this in 3 lines.

    It can be used too in a HTML newsletter. You make a classic HTML page,
    and give just url to MIME::Lite::HTML.


    MIME-Lite-HTML use a MIME-Lite object, and RFC2257 construction:

    If images and text are present, construction use is:

      --> multipart/alternative
      ------> text/plain
      ------> multipart/related
      -------------> text/html
      -------------> each images

    If no images but text is present, this is that:

      ---> multipart/alternative
      -------> text/plain if present
      -------> text/html

    If images but no text, this is:

      ---> multipart/related
      -------> text/html
      -------> each images

    If no images and no text, this is:

      ---> text/html


    Additionnal documentation can be found here:

    *   MIME-lite module

    *   RFC 822, RFC 1521, RFC 1522 and specially RFC 2257 (MIME
        Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML)

  Clients tested

    HTML in mail is not full supported so this module can't work with all
    email clients. If some client recognize HTML, they didn't support images
    include in HTML. So in fact, they recognize multipart/relative but not

    Netscape Messager (Linux-Windows)
        100% ok

    Outlook Express (Windows)
        100% ok

    Eudora (Windows)
        If this module just send HTML and text, (without images), 100% ok.

        With images, Eudora didn't recognize multipart/related part as
        describe in RFC 2257 even if he can read his own HTML mail. So if
        images are present in HTML part, text and HTML part will be
        displayed both, text part in first. Two additional headers will be
        displayed in HTML part too in this case. Version 1.0 of this module
        correct major problem of headers displayed with image include in
        HTML part.

    KMail (Linux)
        If this module just send HTML and text, (without images), 100% ok.

        In other case, Kmail didn't support image include in HTML. So if you
        set in KMail "Prefer HTML to text", it display HTML with images
        broken. Otherwise, it display text part.

    Pegasus (Windows)
        If this module just send HTML and text, (without images), 100% ok.

        Pegasus didn't support images in HTML. When it find a
        multipart/related message, it ignore it, and display text part.

    If you find others mail client who support (or not support)
    MIME-Lite-HTML module, give me some feedback ! If you want be sure that
    your mail can be read by maximum of people, (so not only OE and
    Netscape), don't include images in your mail, and use a text buffer too.
    If multipart/related mail is not recognize, multipart/alternative can be
    read by the most of mail client.

Have fun, and let me know how it turns out!

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