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<% META title = 'Benefits' %>
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<% META description = 'Information about the benefitst of being a member in the Perl Ecosystem Group' %>
<div id="getting-started">
By <a href="/membership">sponsoring</a> our activities you'll become a <a href="/members">member</a> with certain benefits.
Some of those benefits are listed here:
<li>Each member is mentioned on the web site of the Perl Ecosystem Group.<br />
Higher membership level will result in more prominent location on the web site.</li>
<li>Promotional material handed out at technology events will include a list of our members.<br />
Higher membership level will result in more content about the member.
<li>Involvement in the decision making about our activities. Which event to participate at.
Which projects to promote and sponsor. etc.
<li>Joint press release about the joining of the Perl Ecosystem Group. (for the Bronze, Silver and Gold annual members).
<li>Discounted or free entrance to some of the Perl events such as the local Perl Workshops or YAPCs. (details will be announced later)
<li>Discounted or free entrance to Perl trainings of world reknown Perl experts. (details will be announced later)
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