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Announcement: The establishment of the Perl Ecosystem Group
FRANKFURT, GERMANY, (5 November 2010)
The Perl Ecosystem Group announces its establishment to bridge the gap
between companies using Perl and the Open Source Perl Community.
In the past 20 years the Perl community has developed and
maintained a wonderful set of technologies starting from the
language itself via CPAN the much envied repository of more than
20,000 libraries to various open source products.
Perl is being used by almost every Fortune 500 company.
For many it is a critical technology in their IT infrastructure.
The Perl Ecosystem Group will focus on bringing together the
needs and the powers of these groups that are both interested in the
well-being of the Perl Ecosystem.
Companies want to make sure there is ample supply of
excellent Perl developer to make it easier for them to hire.
Companies need certain Perl libraries to be developed
or enhanced in areas that are not always the focus of the open
source developers. The Perl Ecosystem Group will provide
ways to channel funds directly to the development of
these libraries.
While most of the code is developed on a volunteer basis
there are certain areas where open source developers need financing.
For example organizing face-to-face meetings between core developers
of various projects (also called hackathons or code-sprints) need financing.
Promoting Perl and the various Perl based open source projects is also
a common interest. Ensuring the attendance of of well-known Perl speakers
at high-profile conferences will increase the mind-share of the Perl
programming language.
Our activities will be financed by the annual fees of member
companies and by one-off sponsorships.
The Perl Ecosystem Group starts its world wide activity based
in Modiin, Israel and in Frankfurt, Germany.
Further details about the Perl Ecosystem Group can be found on our
web site:
Contact information at the Perl Ecosystem Group:
For further information, please contact
Gabor Szabo director by e-mail
or by phone: +972-54-4624648 in English.
The German speaking contact is Renee Baecker director
by e-mail at or by phone:
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