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The Plan is to create several short slide shows with 
narrative that can be used to show the highlights of 
a project to a couple of people.

When preparing a slide show try to imagine what would
you show to a co-worker if she asked you about the project?
You know she does not have a lot of time, a few minutes max,
you don't want to teach her how to use the thing you just would
like to make her interested in the project so she will
hopefully try to learn about a bit more.

The major use case of these slides would be at conferences
where you have a Perl booth and visitors come by. You give
a post-card to them with the logos of a number of projects.
If he is interested you walk through each item sayin a few
words about each project. If one of them seems to be more
interesting for him you can direct him to a free computer 
screen and show the relevant slides. 
The key of course there too is the interaction with the
other person, to get him ask questions.

The slides should have accompaining narrative so that anyone
with reasonable Perl background can go through the slides and
exmplain about them. If the person asks questions that the
presenter does not know how to answer it is not a problem.
Either there is someone at the booth who is more expert in the 
subject or this can be used as an opportunity to direct the 
person to the relevant IRC channel, web forum or mailing list.
It could also be the chance to ask for his details such as name
and e-mail and be in touch with him after the event.

I'll try to write the first one using Markdown and we'll see.

There was a perl6 presentation here but it was moved to 
at least for now.