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The Driver was inspired by LOGO and robotics games.

There are simple turtles and more complex robots users 
can program to do things in all kinds of mazes.

The most simple framework will probably be similar
to a basic version of the turtle of LOGO.

We need to implement a simple language to drive that turtle.

GO 100;    # in pixels
LEFT 23;   # in degree
RIGHT 17;  # in degree

In more advanced versions the bots will have sensors (visual, touch etc)
that can work at various distances.
Users can implement triggers on various events of the sensors.
The bots will also have several wheels and each wheel will get its 
own instructions.

We will provide a place where the bots can move around.
The most basic is a plain field (a screen) where one can draw.
More advanced fields will contain all kinds of objects that need
to be collected or avoided. In even more advanced versions the players can
each load their own bots on the same field and play against each other
or with each other.

The platform can be local - GUI based (e.g. Padre can be a front-end for this)
but then the game remains stand-alone.

It will also have a web-based interface so people can upload their scripts
and those scripts will run in the virtual world.

1) bot based on a single dot that can move 
2) board that limits the bot
3) way to display the movement of the bot (Gd of Perl 5 ?)
4) allow writing "scripts" in the language of the bots

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