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The docs/*.html files and the files in docs/p/
are generated by a Perl 5 script called script/
They are then committed to this repository.

The sites is served using GitHub pages from the docs/ directory.

docs/CNAME contains the domain name.

IP address of the GitHub machine is
( ping )


There is a script/static.p6 that should be a Perl 6 implementation
of the static site generator. Currently it is in development.
In order to use it
  1) Install Rakudo
  2) Install Panda
  3) Install HTML::Template   ( panda install HTML::Template )

t/  has two test scripts with some minimalistic test cases
    to see if both static site generator work the same way.

   * Write down the history of the award and what the process is deciding who gets it.
     The awards were originally given out by Perl Mongers, Inc but passed
     on to TPF around 2002 when PM merged with them.

   * Collect URLs, rss feeds from the winners

   * Collect countries of residence (when the award was received) ?

   * Update the text on the individual pages (they should somehow
     include information that shows what did the person do before receiving the
     award and what are newer things). That might preserv the historical
     Also some of the texts might need to be changed to past tense as people
     have moved on from various positions or activities.

   * Links to the Perl Mongers, YAPCs ?

   * A photo of the person (make it easier to recognise them at events, make the profile more personal)
     use Gravatar.

   * A bio/profile of the person, what they do.  Not all the white camel nominations/award texts tell the whole story,
     so it could be cool to have 4 - 6 paragraphs from the person about what they do in/for the Perl community

   * A story of how that person got into Perl in the first place,
     and perhaps links to conferences they attend or their local Perl Mongers group.

   * A calendar of forthcoming speaking engagements.

   * Interview with the award winner.

  The pictures of the latest awardees with the text below each

List of all the awardees with links to their individual pages
Maybe the list should be grouped by year and not abc

Links to pages for each year: ????
Each year has the list of the awardees with pictures.


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