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A custom view to show achievements on Android
Kotlin Java
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AchievementView for Android

A custom view for achievements pop-ups written in Kotlin.

The basic properties can be changed through XML like its size, color, drawable, duration. If this isn't enough then feel free to customize as you wish!



You can import the achievementview module into your project or just grab it via Gradle,

compile ''


1. Include into your layout


2. Get a reference and call show


AchievementView achievementView = (AchievementView) findViewById(;

// show the achievement with a single line"Single line text");

// show the achievement with two lines"First line", "Second line");


val achievementView = findViewById( as AchievementView

// show the achievement with a single line"Single line text")

// show the achievement with two lines"First line", "Second line")

3. Clear animation

You need to call clearAnimation() to cancel any ongoing animation when you intend to, also consider to call it in onPause() or onStop().


The following attributes can be changed,

custom:rightPartWidth="250dp"                   // default 300 dp
custom:revealDuration="300"                     // default 500 ms
custom:concealStartDelay="1000"                 // default 500 ms
custom:expandDuration="300"                     // default 500 ms
custom:collapseStartDelay="3500"                // default 1500 ms
custom:colorLeft="@color/green_light"           // default #607D8B
custom:colorRight="@color/green_dark"           // default #455A64
custom:drawableLeft="@drawable/trophy"          // default not set
custom:firstLine="First line"                   // default not set
custom:secondLine="Second line"                 // default not set
custom:textColorFirstLine="@color/colorPrimary" // default white
custom:textColorSecondLine="@color/colorAccent" // default white
custom:textSizeFirstLine="10sp"                 // default not set
custom:textSizeSecondLine="8sp"                 // default not set

If you doesn't specify an attribute, then a default value will be set.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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